Tvashtri Productivity Suite

TPS is a web-based suite of productivity applications will you to automate the business process and managing your clients. Designed with the individual in mind, ConNex offers the most innovative and intuitive user experience on the market –its modern and immersive interface, The world’s No.1 productivity solution is the path forward for every part of your business process automation.

From contact center to service oriented portals, our automated solutions enhance customer experience with more responsive,intuitive, flexible support that exceeds customer expectations. Embedded collaboration tools help break down departmental silos and increase engagement and service levels. And best of all, ConNex provides contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources—all within a single dashboard—to drive more actionable insights for every user.

With ConNex, the innovative user experience is not limited to out of the box features. The power of ConNex can integrate with Mobile users to create highly intuitive, custom mobile experiences—from anywhere.

Single Platform to integrate and automate: Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics, Mobility

The biggest benefits TPS.

  • We are tightly integrated with external applications and loosely couple with internal modules.

  • Compatibility and integration.

  • It’s designed to work with one another, making it easier for users to move work product between them

  • Reduced cost

  • Automation

Tvashtri Data Analytics Engine

Tvashtri Analytics delivers first and only end-to-end ecosystem of data, analytics and cognitive capabilities and expertise. Tool and Technology agnostic platform for Data management, storage and analytics TDA is a flexible data platform that enables data services, instrumentation and analytics. We work on varies tools for data with a single data view that enables data access.

Available on the Cloud, On-premises, Hybrid deployments.

Today Large enterprises need insights into markets, clients, and processes to stay ahead and to deliver sustainable business performance. Our Data consulting, enables organizations conceptualize and drive a well-thought-out our framework and process across multiple domains and focus areas. Our data analytics services help companies achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increased operational efficiency. /p>

One must learn to cope with and build on the high volume and velocity of real-time structured and unstructured data in different formats for quicker and better decisions.

Tvashtri's solutions provide organizations with the right customer insights leading to newer revenue sources through cross and upsell, while helping them identify revenue leakages and fraud, thereby, driving profitability. Through a comprehensive set of data services and solutions across the spectrum, from consulting to support and managed services,

We help you generate actionable insights from your data initiatives.

Our Data analytics engine will make complexity easy and enable automation of analytics procedures.

  • Reusable

  • Unified View

  • Push-down Query Capability

  • Security

  • Source control

  • Best in class

Tvashtri Technology Accelerators

T-Incub: Incubation Center /Accelerator

T-Incub is an Incubation center and accelerator for students and technology startups and India’s first and largest student Incubation campaign that aims to reach all engineering colleges in the country. We believe that students in college can create the next generation of India's great startups.

T-Incub is for ambitious students to learn how to build real applications and experience Silicon Valley while still in college.What sets us apart and makes us one of the most established global incubators or accelerators are the mentors who include well-renowned and experienced professional and entrepreneurs.

Here is a look into the workings of our accelerator program that has been nourishing and sharpening some of the most promising startups in the country.

The Propositions:
If you are wondering why you should consider applying to T-Incub, here are some really good reasons!

  • An in-house team that provides support through weekly catch-ups across different verticals of the business

  • Access to over 100+ experts who are mentors of the program and guide startups on specific issues

  • Access to a network of like- minded peers allowing for an ecosystem where startups get to learn from each other and work together

  • T-Incub Program has been designed and developed for both Leadership and Team Development. More important, It creates willingness in leaders and teams to engage in learning process, and be accountable for results